Carrollton Development Group: Uniting Tradition & Vision

We are growing our presence in real estate acquisition and development, embracing company traditions while looking to the future.

Carrollton Enterprises is a respected name in real estate in the Maryland/Washington D.C. region. Our founder Albert W. Turner’s exceptional career and contributions to the real estate industry provide the underpinning to our mission and vision today. It is his remarkable community-based vision that inspired the creation of Carrollton Development Group (CDG), a new division of Carrollton Enterprises.

What is Carrollton Development Group?

CDG was founded in 2019. We acquire, sell and develop high quality real estate. Like Albert Turner, our passion and focus are on development that betters the places we touch. We look for opportunities that allow us to make a positive impact on a community, from our footprint to sustainability to services.

Our team of real estate experts brings years of dedication and skill to each project and partnership. We promote clear communication and integrity, and are committed to the success of our partners, clients and teammates.

We continue to expand our portfolio of successful commercial real estate assets. Contact CDG to learn more or to discuss opportunities.